Our Story

15 Years Ago

Giovanni and Salvio Ippolito moved to Washington, DC from Naples, Italy. The brothers have been working in the hospitality industry since their arrival to the U.S., where they have learned their way around the inside and outside of a kitchen and the importance of a restaurant's culture and overall ambience.

Perfect Timing

From his terrace at El Techo on Florida Avenue, Louie Hankins watched as a neighboring restaurant succumbed to the economic pressures of the global pandemic. Louie, who had been eyeing the space for some time, knew that now was the time to act. Looking at the layout of the building, he recognized that the location provided the perfect structure for an Italian experience.

A Family's Legacy

Louie also recognized that he could not craft the perfect Italian experience on his own. He turned to the Ippolito brothers, whom he had met at a party in Miami, and had bonded with over their mutual love of food, music, and hospitality. With Louie's help, the brothers will finally have a restaurant of their own, much like their father did in Naples. It was the perfect match. They became a team and were able to easily bounce ideas off each other and create a one-of-a-kind experience. Salvio joked that Louie must have been Italian in another life.

The Experience

Together, they worked to curate their vision. The goal was to keep the restaurant rooted in traditional Italian customs, while blending in a bit of DC culture and paying homage to modernism. "We want to create something different," Giovanni says. "We have been blessed enough to have the opportunity to travel all over the world and experience some magical things. We want to bring the magic back to DC." Quattro is not just a restaurant, it is an experience. We are raising our vibration, elevating our presentation of food, cocktails and design of our restaurant to give our guest an “Alternative Italian Experience!” We will mix modern design with vintage elements paying attention to the classics while exciting our guest with something new. Once you step foot on our patio you will find a modern bistro vibe, but step through that beautiful 18th century hand carved wooden door and you will find yourself in countryside outdoor terraza. The sight of the open kitchen and staff speaking Italian will allow your mind to leave the worries and stress of D.C. behind.  As you walk towards the main dining room the aromas of the grill and pastas being cooked will take a hold of you, anticipating what is to come. We have several surprise design elements waiting for you here. Come for the homemade pasta, stay for the cocktails and wine. Our love of friends, family, food and Italy will be displayed through careful high picked items from over 100 antique stores. We traveled thousands of miles from South Carolina, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and everywhere in between to give you a truly unique experience.

Quattro's Famiglia


Louie Hankins

After living in Ibiza, I was inspired to do more than just serve food or play music for my guests. I wanted them to be transported to a destination, while touching all five senses. D.C. has plenty of music venues, and even more restaurants but very few experiences. The same principals which have made El Techo so successful will be replicated at Quattro.


Giovanni Ippolito

What is Hospitality you ask?
Unbelievable Hospitality is when a dynamic team works together as one big family . This creates an ambience in which guests feel like they are a part of our family too. At Quattro, we will treat every single one of them as the Guest of Honor.


Salvio Ippolito

As I have learned through traveling the world from Middle East through Europe and South America; food brings people together on many different levels .ood does not only nourish the body-but also the soul. It is a form of true love.Food comes from our ancestors , whether their tastes leans towards wings, fins, or roots. That how I consider food. Food has a culture   It has a history , an identity, and it has a story . Food has its own relationships.

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